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Level 2 Electricians

Summitline Electrical are authorised Level 2 Electricians providing accredited services across Newcastle, the Central Coast, Hunter Valley and beyond.


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Private pole installations & upgrades

Private pole installations & upgrades

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Network Service Mains Upgrades

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Service fuse and Barge fuse repair

What is a Level 2 Electrican?

A level 2 electrician is accredited to do installations, maintenance and repair work on overhead and underground service lines that pass through the electrical supply network and your home or business. Our experienced team offer exceptional service and solutions in an efficient and timely manner across a variety of Class 2A, 2B, & 2C electrical services.

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When would I need a Level 2 Electrican?

You’ll need the services of a level 2 electrician when you want to disconnect or reconnect your electrical installations from and to the main power supply lines; install, repair and maintain underground or overhead service lines or you need metering services.


The Summitline Electrical team are accredited providers for the Ausgrid NSW network.

Summitline Electrical Services

Our Level 2 Electricians are fully licensed and authorised to access Ausgrid’s low voltage network in Class 2A - disconnect and reconnect at connection point, Class 2B - underground services and Class 2C - overhead services to carry out contestable works. Any work to design, construct or install assets that connect a customer’s installation to Ausgrid’s electricity network is classed as contestable works.


What each Class means and when you might need it

Class 2A

Class 2A involves electrical work required for equipment operating up to 1000V three phase current and 1500V direct current, this includes fixed electrical such as appliances, motors, and water heaters. A Class 2A Electrician is also required for disconnecting and reconnecting at connection point, testing, replacing blown fuses and resetting tripped circuit breakers.

Class 2B

Class 2B underground instillation services are required when existing underground cabling exist and renovations, demolition or building is involved or completing meter box works and involves running cable from the network pole or pillar to your home. The benefits of underground electrical is no exposed cables and reliability in the event of storms.

Class 2C

Class 2C services are required for any electrical work before an existing residential or commercial meter box and involves upgrading your existing overhead powerline services, the connection or temporary/ permanent disconnection to overhead powerlines as well as private pole installations and is an important step in the event of construction or demolition works.

Class 2D

Class 2D metering authorisation services are required when installing and upgrading network service equipment. A Class 2D electrician is required for all works that involve replacing and removing network service equipment, installing, relocating, upgrading and connecting service protection devices and fuses and energising service network equipment.

Ausgrid are the main suppliers of electricity to NSW, servicing approximately 1.8 million customers, representing around 4 million people and nearly everyone in the region relies on their network for their main power supply. Individual homes, buildings and commercial premises are connected to the main power supply, most often through overhead or underground cables and it is when there is work to be done to repair, upgrade, connect or disconnect this supply that you will require the services of a Level 2 electrician. 

Summitline can provide an accredited and qualified Level 2 electrician in Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie and other regions within NSW at times when you need to disconnect or reconnect your electrical installations from or to the main power supply. This is of particular relevance at construction or demolition sites where a new permanent or temporary or power supply is likely to be required. Our Level 2 ASP (Accredited Service Provider) electricians servicing Newcastle are authorised to establish new power connections, both overhead and underground. When required we can install a new pole for overhead connections, or if you prefer to have you cables hidden underground, out of sight and protected from storms, we can take care of this for you too. 

Within the framework of Level 2 electricians there are 4 sub-divisions, each with a particular set of accreditations and qualifications and it may be useful to understand the role of each. 

A class 2A electrician is permitted to work on single and 3 phase connections or disconnections, at the connection point for fixed appliances such as water heaters and motors, whilst Class 2B and 2C are required for underground and overhead work as described earlier, and class 2D is required for all works that involve removing or replacing network metering and service equipment. 

And whilst much such work is planned for there are times when unfortunately, you may require the services of an emergency Level 2 electrician in Newcastle, Hunter Valley or Lake Macquarie, and at Summitline we provide a 24-hour emergency service. You may require a repair to a point of attachment (POA), a temporary power supply as a result of unexpected damage, or most commonly, problems with a barge fuse, that is there to protect consumers from power overloads on the main network. 

Furthermore, if you reside in an older property with a single phase supply that exhibits difficulties in managing with a growing demand for power at the hands of an ever increasing number of electricity hungry appliances, we can supply an ASP Level 2 electrician to Hunter Valley, Newcastle and beyond to assess your supply and make recommendations for a possible upgrade accordingly, mitigating the possibility of ongoing and future problems for you. 

Working with electricity is highly dangerous and Australian laws strictly control those who can work with electricity – it is never appropriate for an unqualified and licenced person to undertake such work.  

Make the right move, and contact us at Summitline Electrical to take care of all your level 2 electrical work.